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egg card review & application

Back in 1998 the egg card was launched, egg originally formed by Prudential was intended to be a stand alone phone banking company but soon entered the internet credit card market. Egg credit card has proved very popular in its relatively short life with over two million customers so far. Egg card have established them selves as one of the largest card company in the UK,
they have a low introductory rate of 0% on balance transfers until Feb 2005.
Egg also have a nice feature that allows you to add a second card holder to your account & 0.5% cash back on all purchases.

Verdict: High recommendation.

egg card - apply here

Introductory balance transfers


Monthly rate



Until 1st Feb 2005

Introductory purchases


Monthly rate



Until 1st Dec 2004

Standard APR


Monthly rate


Cash advance APR


Cash advance fee

1.5(min 2.50)

Minimum repayment required

3%(min 5.00)

Annual fee


Loyalty points

Cash back varies

Travel insurance


Free purchase protection

In transit for 30 days

Foreign usage fee


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