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eBay is the worlds largest auction site and it was also the first, thousands of bisinesses depend completely on ebay for there income and thousands of users are joining every day. If you are buying a new car or just selling some old stuff out of your attic then ebay is the perfect place to do it.

Donít take our word for it go to eBay now and check it out for yourself and become part of the eBay revolution, from houses to hosserys, cars to canarys its all on eBay.

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More small businesses are buying capital equipment on eBay than ever. The launch of our new Business Equipment Purchase Protection will encourage this trend by helping buyers understand that they can buy with confidence on eBay Ė even when it comes to major capital equipment purchases.

eBay's Business Equipment Purchase Protection program covers capital equipment buyers against deliberate and material misrepresentation by the seller when items are bought and sold on eBay, including items not received or items that have undisclosed damages or liens. There is no charge to sellers, and the coverage is automatic, so there is no sign-up, opt-in or registration necessary. Buyers will begin to see the Business Equipment Purchase Protection seal on qualified listings immediately.


Complete An Entire Listing
This workshop will be held on
Tuesday, June 7th, from 11:00 PDT to 12:00 PDT. Please join member and eBay University instructor danse as she takes you step-by-step through the listing process
. She'll cover how to enter all the details about your item, including price, payment method, shipping cost, and photo. She will also provide you with a checklist that you can use to make certain you have covered all the bases.

Feedback and Customer Relations
This workshop will be held on Thursday, June 9th, from 14:00 PDT to 15:00 PDT. Please join member and Education Specialist pandora as she reviews the various aspects of the feedback system, including how to use the system properly, dealing with retaliatory feedback and feedback extortion, and more. She will also cover how to maintain excellent customer relations, including tips for dealing with difficult buyers and sellers, how to increase your repeat business using these methods, email "netiquette", and more.


eBay University is coming to Tampa, FL on Saturday, June 4th. Donít miss your opportunity to learn all about selling on eBay from the experts - right in your hometown. Choose from one of the 2 courses below to get started selling or increase your sales.

Attend the Selling Basics course if youíre just getting started and learn about:

  • Basic selling techniques
  • How to create listings
  • How to accept online payments with PayPal, and more.
  • Attend Beyond the Basics of Selling to take your sales to the next level and learn:
    • Advanced selling techniques
    • How to market your eBay listings
    • What selling tools will save you time and increase sales, and more.



    Publicizing Your Business
    This workshop will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd, from 13:00 PDT to 14:00 PDT. Want to learn tips and tricks on publicizing your business to the media? Come join our workshop lead by Jennifer Caukin from the eBay Public Relations department
    . This workshop will provide helpful Dos and Doníts with the media, how to create a story pitch, tips for writing a press release, and how to reach your local media. PR is a very cost-effective and efficient way to promote your eBay business, but it is important to keep in mind what the media is looking for and what they consider to be newsworthy. Find out important tips and tricks first-hand